Monday, February 13, 2017

The Beautiful war between #Almaza and #BeirutBeer

There is no war as beautiful as the one happening between #Almaza and #Beirutbeer.
This creative and entertaining push and pull between the brands shows us how much it is critical to stay on top of events and use every opportunity to communicate your message.

#Almaza posted an ad for Valentine's day showing a red teddy bear with the message "Tonight is the red teddy bear night" meaning that tonight is the night almost everyone offers their loved one the traditional and outdated gift.

Not long until #Beirutbeer posted an ad showing a Beirut beer bottle crushing the red teddy bear, with the message "No bear, Just beer".

#Almaza based their ad on a very real and obvious insight, and it would've been a great ad if #Beirutbeer's brutal replay didn't happen. Beirut beer had no mercy (and I'm not saying they should have) with their reply.
This is what real advertising is. This is how brands win.

I don't think there will ever be a war as entertaining as this.

Keep it up guys


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